Drive A BMW?

Common Repairs To Expect

Like any other vehicle, your BMW may be prone to certain types of repairs throughout the vehicle's life. Here are some you may encounter.

Electrical Issues

BMW owners know their vehicles are prone to some electrical issues, including failures in the fuse box that can cause problems like non-working windshield wipers, AC problems, and issues with raising and lowering the windows. Because the electrical system in your BMW is particularly complex, it is best to take your BMW to your certified service center for repair when you notice any of these issues.

Door Locks

In some BMWs when you use the keyfob to remotely lock the doors, one or more of the doors may not lock. If you notice this issue, it’s important that you take your BMW in for repair as soon as possible, or you may risk having your vehicle broken into.

Engine Management

Arising from other issues like a faulty clutch or ignition module, engine management problems are ubiquitous in the BMW line. When you have problems with engine management repairs, they become that much more important. Engine management problems can have catastrophic effects on how your engine operates, making it dangerous to drive your BMW until it is repaired.

Tire Leaks and Punctures

The alloy wheels on your BMW are prone to wear and cracking over time and with extreme weather conditions. These issues can lead to slow leaks or even punctures in your tires. Make a habit of walking around your vehicle regularly and checking the condition of your wheels and tires. If you notice any cracks or problems, it’s time to take your BMW in for repair.

Malfunctioning Door Handles

Some BMW owners have reported malfunctions with their door handles. If any of your door handles lift but do not open the door, the only way to fix the issue is to take the vehicle to a service center to replace the entire locking and door mechanism.

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