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BMW brakes are crucial to your on-road safety. At North Raleigh Performance in Raleigh, NC, we believe safety comes first, so our factory-trained technicians are well versed in BMW brakes for all models. We consider ourselves BMW influencers, and as responsible influencers, we have three tips for maintaining your BMW brakes. First, visit us for routine brake inspections so we can identify worn or damaged parts that could lead to problems. Replacing parts like brake pads, brake rotors, the master cylinder, brake calipers, or an ABS sensor is what we do. Whether it’s time for a brake fluid flush or you have worn-out brake pads (we’re looking at those spirited drivers), we have the people and tools to handle any brake service. Second, we recommend a breaking-in period for a new braking system or when new brake pads or rotors are installed. Using the brakes sparingly for the first 300 to 400 miles allows the new components to mold and adjust to the system. Finally, dry out the brake pads and rotors after exposure to excessive water to prevent corrosion and noise. This can be achieved by driving 30 mph and lightly applying the brakes to stop the vehicle. If you experience problems, stop by, or call us so our highly trained technicians can help! We also offer BMW modifications, including brake upgrades, for enthusiasts who want to take their performance up a notch.