BMW Maintenance

Tips for Maintaining your BMW’s Engine

Routine Maintenance for Your BMW

You bought your BMW for its performance, so why wouldn’t you want to do everything you could to keep the engine in top shape so you can continue to enjoy the luxury performance of the vehicle. The best way to keep your BMW’s engine in top shape is to head off problems before they happen through regular maintenance. Barring catching problems before they start with maintenance, fixing any problems that do arise as soon as possible can make a big difference in how your engine works. You should begin with regular oil changes at approximately 5000 mile intervals. Fluid flushes and refills should be completed on the schedule recommended by BMW in their maintenance schedule. The ASE Certified technicians at North Raleigh Performance inRaleigh, NC , will work side by side with you to keep your BMW on the proper maintenance schedule. They’ll inspect and diagnose any issues they find during the regular BMW Maintenance services you choose to have them complete, allowing you to stay on top of any problems with your BMW.

Change Your Driving Habits

How you drive your BMW can have a significant effect on the health and life span of your BMW. You might feel inclined to drive and brake fast because the car can handle such driving, but the truth is that steady, consistent driving is healthier for the engine in your BMW. Make sure you’re warming up the engine before you drive to help thin out the engine oil and ensure all fluids are flowing properly before you hit the road. Once the car is warmed up, be easy in how you drive for the first part of your drive to help mitigate wear and tear on the engine.

Bring it to North Raleigh Performance

Whether you need BMW maintenance services or repairs, North Raleigh Performance offers the best European vehicle services in the Alpharetta area. The ASE Certified technicians will help you keep your BMW on the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule and the knowledgeable customer service advisors are happy to help you understand every service your vehicle needs and explain how the North Raleigh Performance limited warranty can help your peace of mind when it comes to having your BMW maintained and serviced. Why not give them a call today or stop by the shop to make an appointment or speak with the team about how they can help you keep your BMW in top running shape. You’ll be glad you did.

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